What is Duracool 12a? Are Duracool products guaranteed?
Who are Duracool Refrigerants Inc? Is it flammable?
Is Duracool 12a safe? How much do I put in?
Does Duracool 12a contain an additive? Do I need to do any retrofits before using DURACOOL?
Is Duracool 12a environmentally friendly? Can I mix DURACOOL with R12 or R134a?
Is Duracool 12a efficient? Why should I use DURACOOL?

What is Duracool 12a?

Duracool 12a is the premium hydrocarbon refrigerant.

  • It is manufactured in by DURACOOL LIMITED, in Edmonton, Alberta under license.
  • It is the subject of international Patents and Patents Pending. It was designed as a drop-in replacement for FREON R12, and is allowed as a replacement for FREON R12 substitutes.
  • It is the ENVIRONMENTAL ALTERNATIVE. It is a natural and organic product, and all additives are natural and organic.
  • It is safe to use and adds life to air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment.
  • It is the refrigerant of the future.

Who are Duracool Refrigerants Inc.?

We are a company incorporated and operating in Alberta, Canada. We have made Quality Control our over-riding goal, and we offer comprehensive technical and back-up service. Our packaging will be state of the art, with full compliance with all regulations.

Is Duracool 12a Safe?

YES!! DURACOOL 12a is non-toxic, and totally organic. Like all hydrocarbons it is flammable, and must be handled accordingly…but there is an enormous difference between “flammability” and “safety” issues. The world recognized LPG laboratory, SIMTARS, in Australia, has certified the ignition temperature of DURACOOL 12a as being 1635oF or 891oC. SIMTARS report (B/R 1/081 294) determined that the “Temperature of probe at ignition” was:

% of Gas in Air
3.7 %

There are eminent Risk Assessment Reports, prepared in Europe, Australia, the United Kingdom and USA documenting the safety of hydrocarbon refrigerants in motor vehicle air-conditioning systems. Arthur D. Little, in a detailed UK-based study, recently estimated the risk of an ignited refrigerant leak in the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle as being in the order of 3 in 10 million. Their findings, from a local perspective, mean that if every car in the USA (some 50 to 60 million vehicles) were to use a Hydrocarbon Refrigerant such an accident might occur once in every 50 years.

Hydrocarbon refrigerants have been successfully used in other applications, including domestic refrigeration. There have been over 8 million domestic refrigerators and freezers manufactured out of Germany over the last few years alone, using hydrocarbon refrigerant. The Danish Minister for the Environment & Energy (Mr. Svend Auken) stated in a speech given on September 4, 1996:

“[Hydrocarbon refrigerants] are clean, safe, and environmentally friendly”.

Does Duracool 12a Contain an Additive?

YES!! It is a special mineral based additive that we import especially for our manufacturing process. The additive is a hydrocarbon friction fighter, and a lubricant that enhances performance and safety, to both DURACOOL 12a and the equipment that it operates in.

Is Duracool 12a Environmentally Friendly?

YES!! DURACOOL 12a is NON-OZONE DEPLETING and NON-GLOBAL WARMING. Only hydrocarbon refrigerants can claim to achieve both of these criteria, and GWP is going to be the environmental issue of the next century. DURACOOL 12a is a natural organic product. GREENPEACE have been long singing the praises of hydrocarbon technology and encouraging governments and industry to adopt it in favour of any current alternative refrigerant.

Is Duracool 12a Efficient?

YES!! It has been found to operate even more efficiently than Freon R12, and significantly better than HFC R134a. We have recorded energy savings of more than 30%, and longevity to air-conditioning systems and components. It is an investment, not only in cost savings, but also in repairs and maintenance of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment

Are Duracool Products Guaranteed?

YES!! DURACOOL LTD guarantees that DURACOOL products will perform as efficient refrigerants, and will not harm any air-conditioning or refrigeration components and equipment, if used in accordance with the manufacture’s directions and instructions.

Is it Flammable?

It is possible for a hydrocarbon refrigerant to ignite, but the probability is very remote. DURACOOL is safer than R134a:

  • Ignition point is higher than R134a
  • DURACOOL will extinguish itself quickly. R134a will continue burning until its source is eliminated.
  • DURACOOL is nontoxic. R134a will release a toxic fume when burning (Mustard Gas)
  • Any refrigerant is a compressed gas and must be treated with caution and respect in order to avoid danger.

How Much do I put in?

You must know the capacity of your system before recharging. Each can of DURACOOL is approximately equal to one pound. Overcharging a system with any refrigerant may result in damage.

Do I Need to do any Retrofits Before Using Duracool?

By law you must use the R134 adaptors to a R12 system. DURACOOL will blend with any oil in R12 systems or R134a systems.

Can I mix Duracool with R12 or R134A?

Although DURACOOL will blend well with existing refrigerants, it is illegal to mix any refrigerants. Evacuate the system prior to recharging.

Note: Each system must be identified with a sticker.

Why Should I use Duracool?

a. It lowers the pressure so the system does not have to work as hard. Systems last much longer.

b. Less likely to leak out (larger molecules).

c. Will outperform R134a by 5-10 degrees.

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