R-4 Compressor

Pistons are screwed in to the yokes, just as the original equipment replacements, thereby providing a positive mechanical fit and preventing the pistons from pulling out of the yokes. Remanufactured and rebuilt units typically use older style push-in pistons and yokes

Valve plates are the latest 16-hole design for R-134a, just as the original equipment design. Many remanufactured and rebuilt R4's contain either the earlier version 8 hole valve plate originally designed for R-12 applications.

All Duracool® R4 compressors are 11 cubic inch displacement, just as the original equipment replacements. Many remanufactured and rebuilt R4's are built from older style 10 cubic inch displacement cores.

Nose and case assembly main bearings pockets are larger, just as the original equipment design, to accommodate the larger bearings necessary for durability with R-134a systems. Remanufactured units are primarily small pocket versions designed for R-12 Systems.

H-6 Compressor

Duracool® Compressors offer HR, HD, and HT style compressors. All New!

Duracool® Compressors "H6" are built to the very latest original equipment specifications, using the latest valve plate and reed design allowing for better gas flow, lower noise and greater durability.

All Duracool® H6 Compressors are built with the latest heavier casting design giving the compressor greater structural integrity. Remanufactured and rebuilt units are again produced from available cores, which are primarily old DA6 and first generation H6 cores.

All Duracool® H6 compressors are manufactured with forged pistons which are stronger and more reliable than any H6 pistons available in the market today.

FS-10 Compressor

Duracool® Compressors offer FS10 compressors manufactured to exacting specifications allowing for confident OE replacement.

Because of limited core availability of new style FS10 cores, remanufactures must use older style FX15 cores which are R-12 based designs.